U. Politecnica de Valencia

La Unidad de Investigación Conjunta en Ingeniería Biomédica (UICIB) is an interdisciplinary research team recently established in order to emphasize and make progress together in the investigation of the biomedical science, health processes and e-heatlh, from two of the largest entities in the region of Valencia: La Universidad Politécnica de Valencia y la Fundación de Investigación Hospital La Fe.

The creation of this unit formalises more than 10 years of collaborative relationship between different groups and departments. The unit, composed by more than 40 researchers with proven experiences in national and international projects, develops its work under the shelter of both entities.

Distributed Real Time Systems and Applications Group (SATRD) belongs to the Communications Department, the second most important department inside UPV. The research group has 11 workers, a variable number of students in any phase of the realization of their doctoral thesis, end of career project and master thesis. The SATRD research group has a wide experience in the development of distributed real time systems and applications which imply a massive distribution and temporally restricted of sensors and actuators. The wireless communications and the planning algorithms have been the basic support for most of the research tasks performed by the group