U. Complutense de Madrid

At Universidad Complutense there are more than 85,000 students and 7,000 teachers distributed in 41 two cycle degrees and engineering, 24 one cycle degrees and technical engineering and 13 second cycle degrees, in 21 Faculties, 5 Schools and 38 Research Institutes. Besides that, there’s an offer of more than 200 PhD programs and Masters.

The Optochemical Sensors and Applied Photochemistry Group (GSOLFA) leaded by Prof. Dr. Guillermo Orellana Moraleda is formed by members of the Organic Chemistry I and the Analytic Chemistry Departments of the Chemistry Faculty, and it’s permanently composed by 7 professors, three of which are on a part time basis, and a support doctor. Besides, at this moment, a visiting professor, a Ramón y Cajal supported researcher, 3 post doc researchers and 6 PhD students are integrated in the group